Simon Cowell Freezes in Shock when He Sees who is Singing on Stage. Amazing!

13-year-old Laura Bretan got on stage and no one expected this to happen. Would she be yet another young teen performing the latest pop song? Nope.

She would perform a song that only a highly gifted opera singer could pull off. Laura is exactly that, and despite her talents, she was indeed nervous to perform. Season 11’s first Golden Buzzer was put to use, the performance was so strong. Laura gets to head straight to the semi’s!
Even more astonishing, may have been Simon Cowell’s remarks after her performance. He never says anything like this, but he couldn’t help to speak out after witnessing such talent: “That didn’t just happen. I’m thinking to myself, “If she starts to sing, this is not gonna work.’ And then that just happened. I have never heard anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing this show. Seriously.”
Wow! Check out what made Simon so impressed. Share her wonderful performance with friends and family!

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