Pregnant Mom Thinks Baby's Gender Is The Surprise-Then Cut The Cake And Sees The REAL Secret....

Gender Reveal Party Ends With An Unexpected Surprise

In January 2016, pregnant Dinahleigh and her loving partner, Anthony, held a gender surprise party at their home in Lake Mary, Florida. The expectant couple gathered up their close friends and family members, and had their bakery prepare a gender reveal cake with the frosting inside colored either blue or pink — but like their guests, Dinahleigh and Anthony had no idea their baby’s gender until they cut themselves a slice.

Anthony was absolutely thrilled about the next big chapter in his life. He made the announcement on Instagram, writing, “So for all of you who don’t know by now, I’m going to be a dad soon! I am so excited/nervous for all of this. But God does things for a reason and this just so happens to be the biggest blessing that has came into my life and I couldn’t be any happier to share it with the woman I love.”

But when Dinahleigh went to cut the cake in front of her party-goers, she was shocked to see no pink orblue. Instead, Anthony reached into the middle of the cake and pulled out a square piece. Nothing could prepare her or her guests for what happened next… but I won’t give it away!

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