For the past 13 years, Ms Freckle has decided to forego the salon and instead see just how long she can grow her hair, even though a regular trim or treatment at the hairdresser is part of the beauty regime of women all around the world.

This real life Rapunzel started growing her hair in 2003 and appears to be very proud of her luscious brown lock that reaches the lower half of her shins.

The Instagram star says she loves ‘creativity in all it’s forms’, boots and painting, and says her goal is to have her hair reach her toes, and once it does, she plans on donating it to help make wigs.

Ms Freckle recently shared a video of herself in a rainbow jumpsuit, running her hands through her hair to show just how long it is.

Not only does she post pictures of her amazing mane, she posts videos, too. The way she moves her hair for the camera makes it look like a sheet of glossy fabric.

She has also showed close to 200 snaps of herself throughout the hair growth process and recently posed for a series of snaps that showed the full length of her tresses – the tips of her hair reaching the lower part of her shins.

Ms Freckle has had overwhelmingly positive comments from followers, some of whom have questioned how she managed to blow dry her hair as well as keep it clean. Her tremendous hair success however suggests she is a patient person to have patiently grown out her hair to such length.
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