Bear freed from 9 years in ‘torture vest’ sees water for the first time. Now watch what he does…

Bear bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in order to collect it, bears are kept in small cages wearing a vest attached to a drainage device that is connected to a permanent open wound in the abdomen.
This allows the bile to be collected from their gallbladders. Pretty damn disgusting, right? Animals Asia certainly feel that way and their goal is to end this sickening cruelty. They aim to rescue these bears from all the torture they undergo. Caesar and Tuffy are two such beers. They were rescued and rehabilitated at Animal Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary after years of being raised in cages. They are now unable to survive in the wild as a result. This sanctuary allows them to live a comfortable life.
Here we see wonderful Tuffy finally able to play outside. For the first time, after a bile-caged life of 9 years, he is free. Share this with all of your animal loving friends and family to get the recognition out about bile caged bears.

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