80-Year-Old Grandmother Dubbed ‘Glam-Ma’ After Makeover Captivates Internet


This 80 year old Croatian grandmother, Livia Mulac, is used to a normal life typical of an 80 year old. She wakes up early, takes a walk, has her tea. Then in an interesting turn of events, her granddaughter Tea Flego, a professional make up artist, popped by and the elderly Livia Mulac suddenly had decades shaved off her life….when her granddaughter gave her an incredible makeover!

Livia Mulac has fulfilling life and now takes it easy in a nursing home. She has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 12 greatgrandchildren and all the battle lines to prove it! Her natural face is covered in all the wrinkles, sags and bags of a typical 80 year old, but watch what happens when her granddaughter touches up her face with her amazing contouring skills! She also defined her grandmother’s brows and lips!
Apparently, Tea Flego has been practicing her make up artistry skills on her grandmother since she was a little girl. While the canvas has since changed, Tea Flego remarks that her favorite thing about doing make up for her grandmother is, ‘blurring her wrinkles.’
When Livia Mulac caught a glimpse of the finished work she was truly amazed! Watch the video on the next page to see the amazing make-over!
Livia Mulac’s first reaction to seeing her own made up face was to marvel at how youthful she suddenly appeared. About 70% of her wrinkles had been smoothed away and she was looking like a hip fashionable grandmother! Then she can’t help herself and irreligiously exclaims, ‘Holy c***!’
 At her nursing home, Livia Mulac is being hailed as a star and receiving all the attention of one! All her friends are so proud of her!
 Livia Mulac comments about her experience: ‘How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home.’ The video has since gone viral and she’s been suitably dubbed ‘glam-ma’!
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