Why You Shouldn’t Keep Smartphones In Bras Or Pants Pockets

#1 Smartphones Are Linked With Breast Cancer

More and more evidence is revealing how smartphones and breast cancer are related. Carrying your phone in your bra as you see many women do, can be very dangerous.

#2 Smartphones Are Linked With Low Sperm Count
Not just women, but men are affected with cell phone dangers as well. Smartphones can affect sperm production adversely due to guys carrying them in their pants pocket. As a result, sperm count can become lowered.
#3 Smartphones Are Linked With Depression
Your smartphone can screw up your normal sleep pattern. This affects mental health. Loss of sleep leads to depression, plus confusion.
#4 Smartphones Are Linked With Sleep Disorders
Not just depression, but sleep disorders in general can be had from cell phone usage. Insomnia can set in and your sleep pattern becomes disturbed in a way that is hard to get it back on track.
#5 New Studies Show The Health Risks Of Smartphones
We are all about smartphones nowadays. Our whole lives reside inside of our phones. Yet our actual demise can also lie inside the cell phone. Whether it’s getting cancer or suffering from a sleep disorder, this technology causes a host of ills, and it is very important to get a handle on it and manage your smartphone usage, rather than just blindly going around, stuffing it in your bra or next to your crotch. Know the effects! Many suspected this new technology was harmful, now scientific evidence is mounting that indeed our phones can be very harmful to our bodies and our well being.
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