The family dog jumped in front of the girl and bared his teeth. No one expected this reason.

Haus is a 2 year old German Shepherd who lives in Florida. His best friend is 7-year-old family member, Molly DeLuca. Recently, Molly was playing with Haus in the backyard when suddenly Haus jumped in front of her, baring his teeth. When the family saw the reason why, they were horrified. They quickly realized that Haus was facing down a rattlesnake, and the next thing they knew, he had been struck. Vets found three separate snake bites and had to administer a constant IV drip of antivenin.
Facebook/Haus the Hero
When Haus' story was shared with the world, it quickly gained attention. His GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses has raised over $52,000, and the family promises to donate excess fun to a local rescue group.
Facebook/Haus the Hero
Thankfully, Haus seems to be doing much better now. But his family will never forget the sacrifice he made for young Molly. She owes him her life! Share this amazing story with family and friends by clicking the button below!

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