NOPE: When She Pulls This Out Of Her Boyfriends Head I Couldn’t Help But Dry Heave.

You’re about to meet Simon, a man that had a bit of an issue after visiting Panama.

You see, Simon had the unfortunate experience of having the infamous botfly use his head as the breeding ground for one of it’s larva, so Simon had a massive bug growing and feeding on his head. Could you imagine how disgusting that would be, to feel it pulsing around in your head, growing larger each day? Scary right?
Well when his friends discover if they grab the tweezers and begin their extraction, only to discover it had grown larger than they ever even thought possible. the thing is so big that when they show it to the Simon, whose head it came out of, he can’t believe it either! There’s some things that no matter what people tell me I will never see a benefit from, mosquitos, wasps and botflies are a few. What about you?

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