Newborn baby was found in the street. Then this woman did something no one else could do!

When a woman spotted a small box outside of her office in Xianyang city, China, she thought it was just another box of garbage someone had left. But then she began to hear whimpering coming from the box, and a crowd gathered. The box was opened to find a tiny baby inside. The newborn had been left there, wrapped in blankets, with half a bag of milk and 100 yuan (about $14).
The baby appeared to be very hungry, and a young mother, who was passing by, stepped in and did something no else would. She sat down, held the baby, and began to breastfeed it, and the baby immediately stopped crying.
The baby is suspected to have cerebral palsy as well as possible other conditions that will require further examination according to social workers. Meanwhile the young woman who stopped to help has been dubbed "the most beautiful mother" by locals for her actions.
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