Neighbors Reported Her Messy Home, But When He Shows Up At The Front Door? Unbelievable

There’s a 90-year-old elderly woman named Agnes who ran into somewhat of a problem; a family member kept dropping off trash and junk in her yard and she just wasn’t capable enough to take care of it.

Naturally her family member didn’t want to help, but surprisingly neither did her neighbors.
Instead of trying to help out this old woman who is well past her prime they instead decided that reporting her would be the better option. It’s that level of dissociation to other people that’s caused groups to emerge to help fix it – groups like Operation Blessing (OB). Agnes wouldn’t be able to clean up the mess herself and neither could she afford the fines for having a messy yard, so she turned to the good people at OB and told them her story.
After hearing what she had to say the members of the operation came to her home one after the other to help get her house back in shape, picking up the junk and cleaning her entire yard. On top of that they did some home repairs and landscaping, and even added a new air conditioner on the inside!
These are the types of people we need to see more of around the globe – people that aren’t afraid to help others in need. Even the little things can make a big difference to someone on the street, but in Agnes’ case Operation Blessing lived up to their name and her home life is now a million times better than it was before!
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