He takes a photo of his wife on the boat. But what he sees in the water behind her…OMG!

Two couples went for a boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico for an annual celebration of two birthdays. They were just about 5 miles off the coast, having a good time, when one of the men noticed something in the water. At first they thought it was a buoy, but when they got closer, they realized it was moving. They quickly reached into the water and pulled out an exhausted Jack Russell Terrier in a life vest. 
After getting in touch with the authorities, they soon found out that the dog had been missing for three hours. Had it not been for his life vest, he probably would not have been able to stay afloat in the middle of the ocean for so long.
The dog rescuer immediately returned to the nearest coastguard station, where the owner was already running towards them, crying out the name of his dog, "Jägermeister".
"I had already given up," he said with tears in his eyes. "I searched for him for so long, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought I had lost him forever. He means everything to me and I am so happy and relieved to have him back."
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