When they soaked these kittens in water, they changed their tune, because what they washed off of them was really toxic.

Animal torture has many faces. These newborn kittens were recently discovered by British police forces. Someone had painted them green and blue. Whether they did it as a joke or with cruel intentions is unclear, but either way this is not an okay way to treat animals.
FacebookBradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens
The police took the kittens to the animal shelter Bradford Cat Watch Rescue. The caretakers there couldn't believe their eyes: They were shocked by the appearance of the colored kittens. Judging by the chemical smell coming off their fur, they determined that the cats had been colored with permanent marker. They had to turn to a vet to find out the best way to remove the toxic color.
FacebookBradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens
There was no choice but to give the kittens a special bath. Little Shrek and Smurf (as the kittens were named) were soaked and scrubbed with extra care.
FacebookBradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens
After several rounds in the tub, the kittens started to look a bit better. The carers gave them milk from the bottle and shared that after 36 hours of care, the kittens fur was radiating just as bright as their personalities.
FacebookBradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens
Shrek and Smurf are now completely back to their normal colors. You could never guess that they were once painted with permanent marker. Fit and tidy, these two siblings are now ready to find a new forever home. The only question that remains is who did this to the poor animals. The rescuers definitely think that children are to blame.
Facebook/Katie Cat
Here is a video of the two kittens in action:
Shrek and Smurf were treated like toys and not like living beings. Their previous owners had abused their helplessness and trust. Make sure you share this story and send the message that it's not okay to misuse animals for one's personal entertainment.
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