When you learn what the two “dimples” on your back mean, you’ll see people in a different light. Good to know.

Have you ever wonder what the dimples on your back mean?
They're known as the venus dimples and they're regarded as sensual and erotic. That's why they're named after Venus, the roman god of love.
For men they're known as Apollo dimples after Apollo, the roman god of light and sun. They're formed by tendons, which grow on the pelvis and are purely genetic. 
Unfortunately they cannot be influenced through training or diet. Some people have them, and some don't. It's no problem if you don't have them on your back, but:
Since they're more easily seen when there's less body fat, they're also an indication of good health and good circulation. The result is that people with these dimples reach orgasm more easily, because their pelvis has better circulation.
Well if that's not a reason to be happy..! In any case it's good news for anyone with venus- or apollo dimples.
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