WATCH: This Teen Is In A Dangerous Situation With An Older Man. What Bystanders Do Is Shocking

American television doesn’t always get it right, but if you’re looking for a little feel good television, “What Would You Do?” is one of the better ones to see.

It’s a part of the ABC Network’s “Primetime” series; which is to say a ‘magazine’ style show – so you can guess how the show is going to be based on that alone. The show is basically about what random bystanders in the general public will do or say when they see a certain situation occurring – do they call the police? Do they intervene or stand back and etc.? Well this particular episode was to see how people would react if they heard a grown man attempt to prey on a young girl.
The responses will warm your heart; and it really goes to show that humanity will continue to do the right thing even with all the negative we’ve seen lately. So to wrap up, what would you do?

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