The whale looked at him and wouldn't move. Then he realized what she wanted.

What an amazing story! What happens when you are approached by a humpback whale who sticks their eye out of the water and simply stares at you?

This happened to this guy, and upon further investigation it turned out the whale was tangled in rope and crab netting. And had a 3000 pound anchor that he’d been dragging around! Find out what happens when this guy rids the whale of all the netting which was quite the task and at times must have caused the whale some pain as parts of it were attached very tightly. Suddenly he is faced with the whale submerging back in the water, and then coming back towards the man like a “slow moving bus” as he says. It’s pretty incredible at how the whale ends up showing appreciation for the help that this guy gave. This is a big lesson at just how connected we all really are. Truly amazing!

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