Stop! If You Are Trying Any Of These Sex Positions

While we are trying sex positions, we often forget that there is a big difference between pain and pleasure. It is seen that there are times when couples go to such an extreme that the guy often ends up in the hospital with a broken penis. Is that is a real thing! Can you imagine having broken bone? Well you’ll be delighted to know that a broken ‘boner’ will be 10 times the pain.
Mexican scientists have decided to research about what are the main reason for these penis fractures. It is seen that most of the people who had indulged in any of the following sex positions ended up with a fractured penis in most cases. Or rather, people who had come in with broken penises were often indulged in these 2 sex position.
  1. The cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl
This is one of the most tried and tested sex positions. The guy gets the maximum amount of pleasure out of it. But did you know that this causes the highest amount of sexual injuries. It is quite common to see that guys come on for treatment after they have tried the cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl.
  1. Doggy style
This might sound simple but the aerobics attached to it is intensive. You will be surprised to know that this is the second largest reason for penis fractures.
It is very important that you learn the difference between pain and pleasure if you want a healthy sex life.
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