She Went To Doctors With Stomach Pain But When He Saw 12000 Of These In Her.. He Screamed!


Gall stones can be an experience of pain and disaster. These at times can also be very much invisible in one’s life. They are definitely not the ones that needs attention but when they do they make clear their existence very much clear in the most painful way. These stones are generally a result of heavy gastric problems. They are made of cholesterol and also salts and are in a shape of balls. These are formed in the pear shaped gall bladder and are really dangerous at times.

Minati Mandal, who is s resident of Kolkata, India was suffering extremely badly with the bad acid refluxes in her as well as with the excruciating stomach pain. She suffered like this for a time period of two long months. When she decided to visit the doctor obviously she was said to do an ultra sound and scans. The pain in her stomach was almost crippling her and the results revealed gall stones. The doctors decided that it was the best if she would go under the knife for the removal of the gall stones. What they discovered during the surgery left them flabbergasted and wondering that how was it even possible? They had discovered about 11,950 gall stones which in her gall bladder. It is a totally new record set and a case of disbelief. These stones could be transferred to London for further studies and to remain as a sample there.
This astonishing discovery can only leave us wondering that how very complicated and simple can life be at the same time.
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