Get Rid of That Extra Fat in Your Body With Just One Exercise!

Who doesn’t want a slim and toned body? Well, everyone wants that. And now it is even easier with just a single exercise. The exercise bridge can give you a supple body and will help you get rid of all that unwanted fat in your hips, belly and butt. This type of exercise is carried out in various fitness programs like the yoga or Pilates. You will even not require using any equipment to carry out this exercise. 
Types of bridge exercise
This arduous exercise can be performed in three different forms, the basic bridge, hands-up bridge and unilateral bridge. If you want to put some extra effort then you can use weights.
How these bridges are performed?
  • Basic: This type of bridge is the most common one. You just to lie down straight and then bent your knees. Let your hands rest by your side. Keep the legs at a similar distance of your hip-width. Now it’s time to lift your glutes. Continue doing this until the core and legs are in a straight line. You need to be in this position for 3 seconds. It depends on your weight and strength how many times you can repeat it. 20 times repletion is recommended.
  • Hands-Up: This exercise starts with the similar starting position like the basic one. You can’t lift your body with your hands in this exercise. Your hands will be up in the air. It’s tougher than the previous one.
Unilateral: Again the starting position is more or less similar to the previous ones. Now lift one of your legs and bring the knee into a position that it points towards the chest.
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