Fallen Marine Was Set To Be Shipped Home In A FedEx Box…But These Bikers Said NO WAY!

Marine Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner did seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he was headed home.

The Marine Corp paid for the service and the cremation. It was revealed that FedEx was going to be delivering the ashes to the family in College Park, Georgia. This didn’t sit too well with a certain group of unlikely heroes. They decided to come forward and honor a fallen American soldier the proper way.
It begins in Temecula, California. Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner died 2 years after having been medically discharged.
It turned out all the injuries Turner suffered during battle, would end up taking his life, but his soul continued to be strong and could be felt by the volunteer riders association known as the Patriot Guard Riders. It would be members of this group who would obtain the ashes and start plotting out the mission they had ahead of them. It would be a proper homecoming, cross country on the roads of America, roaring proudly straight into College Park, where mom and dad would be waiting.
The 2,000-mile mission was an important one. Turner’s family could simply not afford to attend the funeral, so the Patriot Guard were set to bring Jonathan to the parents. At state lines, riders would meet, and hand off the ashes for the new riders to carry on the journey. They would have a short ceremony in honor of Jonathan. Five days later, the ashes arrived in Georgia.

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