Dog walks by a parked car playing music. When he hears it? HILARIOUS!

We see dogs playing around all the time. Usually they are chasing sticks, playing with their chew toys or doing tricks like rolling over and shaking hands.

But this dog’s thing is “the bounce”. He prefers to perform the bounce when there is some nearby music playing. Well, he found himself in the perfect situation to get down bounce style when a car pulled up with its music blaring.
In order to really get down with the bounce, you want to be as close as possible to the music. So this dog got close to the car, and then it was on! This dog got down big time, bouncing to the beat and creating one hilarious moment in the process.
Check out this amazing video capture of the coolest dog around, not to mention the most unique. How many other dogs do you know have mastered the bounce technique like this guy? As you will see, all he needs is a little music and no doubt he is going to bounce. What a cool dog!

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