Divers Found This Strange Creature Swimming In The Ocean. I Couldn’t Believe What It Eats …

The ocean is a vast and undiscovered terrain. We can identify with the sharks, dolphins and sea turtles, but what about the plethora of sea creatures which exist deep, deep down there? These guys are flat out terrifying!

Many of these creatures we have never seen before as about 95% of earth’s oceans are still unexplored, while nearly two-thirds of ocean life has yet to be discovered! So no one really knows just what is lurking deep down in the sea. Every now again, we do get new information. Sometimes a camera will catch a creature we’ve never seen before. Other times we are introduced to sea creatures that don’t receive much attention. Such as the marine iguana. These are only found in the Galápagos Islands and they are indeed pretty darn cool!

They can dive as deep as 30 feet which makes them extremely rare for lizards. They dive down and eat up algae on rocks at the bottom of the sea. They look pretty gnarly, but they indeed are vegetarians and they don’t prey on other creatures.
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