Dad Offers Man Who Raped His Daughter a Ride Home. Then He Grabs the Machete…

If you knew one of your children was raped and you also knew their rapist wouldn’t see any type of actual punishment for it; well, you’d see how quickly vigilantism sounds like a reasonable response.

This father waited until the court proceedings ended before dishing out his own version of justice, and probably only because the 17-year-old who raped his young daughter was sentenced to a fine. No jail time, and complete forgiveness from the law for paying the father a fee.
Not agreeing with the court’s decision the father kept a collected face and offered the boy a ride home to Muktsa’s Kotli Ablu village in India only to stop partway. This is when things went very bad for that young boy very quickly after that, as the man tied him up to a tree and chopped both of his hands off. He drove off and left the boy to die after that.
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The boy is alive and in critical condition, and now he’ll never be able to forget the horrible crimes he committed. The father on the other hand managed to make his exit from the local authorities and now remains at large – a wanted man. Obviously what the boy did was wrong, but is the father in the right? When the law you put your trust and faith in decides you’re not worth the effort, would you do the same?
Kind of reminds me of this classic…

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