From the past time until today people have always tried to find a way to improve libido and their sexual pleasure. Greek people have even given a name for suck means – aphrodisiacs.  Aphrodisiacs are food and herb products which improve the potency.
Every man thinks about this and tries to improve his libido. We have  an example from Casanova, a famous lover who thought that with proper nutrition the libido can be improved.
Scientists have created a menu which can improve the sexual pleasure. It contains vitamins E. B and A – called the vitamins of reproduction. This menu should definitely include: proteins, calcium, phosphorus, cholesterol, and potassium. All these substances are found in any of nuts, seeds, beans.
These Foods Will Make Your ‘Tool’ Hard As A Rock!
Here are some foods that improve potency
Fruits: lemons, oranges, pomegranates, bananas, figs;
Vegetables: especially garlic and all kinds of onions. If you mix the onion with eggs, such food quickly restores drooping potency;
Nuts: pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, etc
Dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, sour cream. Add to your daily diet sour cream, and you will scarcely face male’s impotence.
Meat and fish: beef and flounder – are products that have a miraculous effect not only on the potency, but also on the whole body.
Spices and herbs: St. John’s wort, anise, purslane, cumin, mint, turnips.
Seafood: mussels, shrimp, oysters. Notorious Casanova ate a large number of oysters for breakfast every morning. This allowed him to have a stable potency even in old age.
Sweet natural products. Honey, mixed with chopped nuts has a mighty force for the libido.
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