Student dies in her sleep from ‘brain aneurysm’ after graduation

Student dies in her sleep from 'brain aneurysm' hours after graduation
Aminah Ahmed died following a suspected brain aneurysm (Picture: Facebook)
A student died from a brain aneurysm soon after graduating in biology and business.
Aminah Jennifa Ahmed, 22, complained of a headache so went for a lie down shortly after picking up her diplomas from the University of Texas.
But her family was unable to wake her and she died in hospital five days later, according to CW33.
A fundraiser has been set up called Aminah Sees in her name to help children in South Asia without access to vision care and glasses.
On her gofundme page it says: ‘A girl that can. All she ever wanted was to push people through faith. Push people to do what was right, and push people to make a difference. This special girl’s mission was to change the world. It’s a goal that many of us have. But Aminah had a drive to motivate the people around her to become spiritual and make a positive difference in the world.’
Before her death there had been no indication that she was in any discomfort, but after taking to the stage she vomited on campus.
She did it again on her way home and her father put it down to stress from school.
Imar Suleiman, director of the Islamic Learning Foundation, wrote: ‘The family is in immense pain having seeing their daughter graduate literally hours before she was declared completely brain dead. Please keep her and them in your sincerest thoughts’.
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