She Attaches Zip Ties To The Front Wheel Of Her Stroller. The Reason Why Is Really Clever

We don’t live in simple times anymore where a baby had a simple bottle and a standard blanket and that’s it.

Babies seem to have all kinds of accessories nowadays: toys, designer bottles, diapers, snacks, outfits, hats, gloves, special blankets, binkies, and all kinds of other gadgets that are being sold at popular baby stores. You can gather all these things together, leave the house, and realize you forgot your actual baby.
We have all kinds of transporting methods as well nowadays. The most popular being the stroller which has been around for quite some time, but in recent years has had many makeovers, and plenty of upgrades. There are even strollers where one can get a good paced jog in while strolling junior around.
But with all the advancements in stroller technology, there are still some very basic tips that are extremely helpful. Check out this video which reveals these basics which will maximize your strollering around experience and keep your baby safe!

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