A hospice worker approaches a dying woman as she sleeps – and the camera captures something incredible.

Mary only has a few days left to live. She is staying in a hospice center in Austinburg, Ohio, USA and has an unusual final wish: to hear the song "How Great Thou Art" one last time before she dies. Mary spent her lifetime giving piano and singing lessons in her community. Her nurse, Joshua, is one of her former students and has known Mary since he was just 9 years old. She has guided him through his whole life and now, he is guiding her through her final moments. Mary's son and daughter-in-law filmed this spectacular moment - all we can say is: goosebumps.

Mary has passed away since this was filmed, which makes this moment even more touching. We have such respect for the men and women like Joshua who do their jobs so well and give patients like Mary superb care in their final moments.
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