This Old Man Is Marrying A 12 Year-Old Girl. How The People Of New York React? OH MY…

What would you do if you saw a senior citizen marrying a girl that was clearly under the age of 18?

Not even a girl that looks like she’s 16 or 17, but what about 12? My stomach gets queasy at the thought. However, what I didn’t know is that in some states in the United States, this is completely LEGAL (Massachusetts). To make matters worse, in other countries this is actually a more widespread tradition. Coby Persin set out in the streets of New York to determine what people would do when faced with such an eyesore. Would the busy people of New York just turn the other cheek? Or if they “see something” would they “do something”? This is not an easy subject to digest, but it is happening around the world and closer to your home than you may think. Watch the video below to find out… and share the video to raise awareness.

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