Incredible- You Can Now Fill Cavities Without The Help Of A Dentist

To some people, even the word “dentist” sounds scary. Some people simply hate going to the dentist, some are really afraid and experience a ‘dentist stress’, and some just do not like to go through the same old routine and fill cavities.

However, we have some fantastic news- Now you can do this procedure at home and avoid going to the dentist!

First of all, you need to understand cavity. The human teeth consist of 4 layers, which can suffer damage due to the acid in the mouth. If these layers are dissolved, the cavity will set in.

Tooth decay can be indicated by numerous symptoms, like pain while eating, toothache, sensitivity to cold or hot, as well as discolored spots on the teeth. Yet, these symptoms are all removed by filling the cavity. However, you need to know that another solution actually exists, in the case, you cannot stand the effect of drilling.

A recent Japanese research has found a new technique to avoid drilling and fill cavities. Their discovery was a paste which is largely similar to the tooth enamel, or the first tooth layer. So, this paste can help you eliminate stress and fill cavities without the drilling.

Moreover, after being examined, researchers confirmed that teeth treated with the paste were as stable and sturdy as the conventional metal ones. Hence, the cavity will be filled with this paste, and there will be no need for drilling some parts of the tooth, and the decay’s spread will be inhibited. However, this paste will provide best results if used in the initial stages of the tooth decay.

Note that you should consult your dentist before you intend to start using this paste, as its main ingredients are acid and hydrogen peroxide, which may lead to a gum inflammation if used inadequately.

Initially, people can buy this paste only from their dentist. The effect of the paste is felt in around 20 minutes, and the cavity will be almost immediately filled.

It is expected that this remarkable paste would be available for distribution in a year.

Tooth decay- prevention

In order to prevent tooth decay, you need to lead a proper oral hygiene. You should brush the teeth regularly using some good toothpaste in order to avoid tooth decay. Moreover, you should also use antibacterial fluids that will help you avoid cavity and preserve the health of your teeth. In order to clean your mouth, you can also use some natural remedies, like coconut paste or oil. Oil pulling is extremely beneficial for your teeth.

Furthermore, you should also eat a healthy diet, as the food you consume has a large impact on your oral health. It determines the re-mineralization process, so try to consume minerals as much as possible. Eggshells are a remarkable natural remedy that will help you effectively mineralize your teeth.

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