He couldn’t understand why his fiancée was always so exhausted. Then he discovered this.

Young Swedish couple Tony Emms and his fiancée Charlotte had a baby and decided that Charlotte would stay home to take care of the little one. Everything was going swimmingly for this small family at first, until Tony noticed his partner was always completely worn out and exhausted. He was the one who just spent the whole day at work, right? One day, Tony came home to find Charlotte and their baby like THIS in bed. He immediately took a photo and posted some moving words that touched the hearts of many. He wrote: 
Facebook/Tony Emms
"Sometimes this woman doesn't get the respect she deserves from me. Everyday when I come home from work, Charlotte is 'exhausted.' But I worked all day, why is she tired? I've thought a lot about this recently, what this wonderful woman does while I'm not at home ... she's probably sitting with the baby, watching TV, and having a relaxing day, right? The answer is NO!
When I go to work in the morning and wake her up, she immediately has her hands full of things to do. She has to be ready for everything coming in the day ahead ... she gets up and cares for our crying child. The baby is hungry, as is Charlotte, but the baby is the one who gets to eat. Then she plays, changes disgusting diapers, plays some more, and finally it's time for an afternoon nap. But not for Mom, because she uses this time to do the laundry, tidy up toys, clean yesterday's dishes. Then the baby is awake again - and hungry. Mom still hasn't had anything to eat, but she must prepare lunch for the little rascal. Afterwards, he demands attention and entertainment - think about it, Mom still hasn't had a bite to eat ... and all the tidying from before was a waste of time because, of course, the toys are strewn everywhere again. 
When I come home from work, frustrated that I have to clean everything up because, once again, Mom didn't lift a finger, that's just perfect. All day long, she did nothing but bend over backwards to make sure that the baby is happy and healthy. If other fathers out there think along these lines, take a moment to consider what the woman in your life really does. Respect the mother of your children! She is an extremely special person who has given up everything to care for your baby. I love these two sleeping angels and both of them deserve this rest! ❤ Charlotte"
Facebook/Tony Emms
His post shot around the world in an instant! Close to 50,000 people celebrated his words and found a new appreciation for their better half. A lot of people could benefit from Tony's realization. Just because you don't leave home to go to work, but stay and care for the children, doesn't mean that you don't have the hardest (and most wonderful) job in the world.
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