A musician is playing on a public piano. This man walks up and blows everyone away.

There is a single piano standing at a Parisian train station. It's a "a vous de jouer" (it's your turn) piano, a few of which are sprinkled around the city. Anyone who knows how to play, or even those who don't, can take a seat and play their heart away. But on this particular day, the regular commuters at the Austerlitz station were witness to an extraordinary event. A man sat down and began to play. Suddenly, after a few chords, someone reaches over his shoulder and starts to strike some keys. Hundreds of people stop dead in their tracks. They have to listen to what results from these two strangers meeting at the keys. See for yourself:

These two pianists are Spaniard Gerard Pla DarĂ³ and Nassim Zaouche, from Algeria. They had never met each other before this moment at this train station in Paris. They've since become internet sensations. Their interpretation of the piece, "Una Mattina", by Luddovico Einaudi, shows that music is not only a universal language, but also that even in the middle of a busy train station, it can take your breath away. Share this piece of magic with your friends.
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