6 Best Exercises for Tight and Lifted Butt from Fitness Star Amanda Lee

Muscles and bones in the body are responsible for all the movements. Here we present some interesting things about the “butt”.
The butt has 3 main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. They all work together and enable us move our upper legs in all directions.
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“Every time you take a step, you are using your glute muscles. That’s why we have glutes. Their function is to allow us to run, walk, squat, and move. You are working your rear end all the time”, says Amanda.
Walking is really beneficial for the glutes. If you are walking inside, on a treadmill- make sure you use the incline, and if you are walking outside- tackle some hills. Just keep your back from hinging forward as much as you can.
When she was a teenager, Amanda had only 44 kilos and wasn’t in shape at all. When she wanted to improve her look, she started leading a healthy life which meant healthy diet and strenuous exercise.
As a result, today Amanda is an example to thousands of women around the world.
In addition, we present to you the 6 exercises that the recommends to everyone:
  1. Squat Side Kick- 25 reps
  2. Glute Bridge- 25 reps
  3. Pulse Squats- 25 reps
  4. Clamshells Exercise- 25 reps
  5. Clamshells Hight Exercise- 25 reps
  6. Donkey Kicks Exericise- 25 reps
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