5 Things Women May Be Afraid To Ask Their Doctor

All women, even the most confident ones pause and think twice when they’re supposed to ask a certain question at the doctor’s office. Sometime it’s because they think they know, sometimes they’re ashamed to ask something, and sometimes they just think the question is stupid and the doctor would laugh if they ask it. However, every woman should feel comfortable to ask her doctor whatever she wants to know, nothing is too stupid or too embarrassing when it comes to your health. And doctors know that, he’ll never laugh at you or think that you’re asking stupid things. Your doctor is there to help you and he/she is not going to be grossed out, surprised or judgmental — whatever your issue! Believe it or not, they’ve heard it all before a million times, and besides that’s his job so ask away!5 Things Women May Be Afraid To Ask Their Doctor
Here are some of the most common questions women are afraid to ask their doctor:
  1. Always wash new underwear
You probably know this, but still we wanted to point it out. The reason behind this, the most obvious one, is that someone might have tried it on before you. Another reason is because you’d want to wash away all the harmful chemicals which textile companies use in the manufacturing process. Cotton underwear is sprayed with pesticides and may even be sprayed with fungicide to prevent fungus growing on them in transport.
  1. Why is your period so heavy?
The reason behind this might be meaningless but it may also be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition makes changes in the hormonal balance in your body necessary for ovulation, and the immature eggs get left behind as cysts on the ovaries instead of releasing into the fallopian tubes. Aside from heavier period, other symptoms may include irregular period, increase in facial hair, acne and it may even lead to infertility if not treated timely.
  1. Sex phobia?
There is a condition called vaginismus which is defined as “the recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina when vaginal penetration with penis, finger, tampon, or speculum is attempted…even the anticipation of vaginal insertion may result in muscle spasm.” This makes any penetration painful and even the thought of penetration can cause the muscles to contract which makes the experience even more stressful. According to some studies that sex phobia (the fear of vaginal penetration and experiencing pain) is the reason behind these involuntary spasms.
  1. What is the difference between STD and STI?
The answer to this question is that there is no actual difference between the two. STD stands for sexually transmitted disease, while STI is sexually transmitted infection. The second term just describes the condition and the way it acts better.
  1. Are diet pills safe?
You don’t want to ask this one because you already know the answer but you like to live in the illusion that it’s not true. No doctor will ever tell you that diet pills are safe, no matter how ”healthy” and “natural” they claim to be. The only healthy way to lose weight is through healthy dieting and regular exercise. It may be slower and more difficult but that’s the proper way how it should be done.
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