1 Cup a Day Of This Drink Melts 1cm of Stomach Fat Away

Today, we will reveal the recipe of a fantastic ginger lemon water that will help you burn fat in a faster way than any other weight loss method.


The lemon will effectively detoxify your body system, and will help your fat burning process in the quickest way possible. On the other hand, ginger is an incredible appetite suppressant which will also promote super fast weight loss.

This is how to prepare the remarkable ginger lemon detox water:

In order to properly begin the detox process, you will need to start with 4 lemons and 2 large sections of ginger. Start by washing and trimming the ginger and lemons. The ginger will need to be cubed and the lemon is cut into slices.

The ginger will be placed in hot, but not boiling water, and allowed to steep. While the ginger is steeping, slice the lemons in very thin sections. The lemon will also have to have the seeds removed.

The hot water allows the medicinal properties of the ginger to be released within 20 minutes. Now, it is time to add all our ingredients to our pitcher.

Add the ginger to the pitcher, and keep the chunks of ginger in the pitcher for more additional properties to be released as it soaks. Add some ice to make sure that the ginger is cooled off, and then add all the lemons to the pitcher, which has been filled with purified water.

Store this mixture in the refrigerator for two hours, and you will get a detox water that burns fat and removes toxins of the body.

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