This mother shared her sex life on Facebook. Her children hear it all.

Most of us don't want to know and simply can't imagine it: this idea that our parents have all had sex, and still do. Many like to believe that their parents have had sex as many times as the number of children that they have, but even that is often toomuch. But Constance Hall, a young mother of 4 children, has broken this taboo and in such a dramatic manner! With a daring Facebook post, she went public.
"We had "parent sex" yesterday."
You know what parent sex is, it's that 3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food, where you notice that all of your kids are pretty distracted.
Where you realise it's been almost a month since you banged and are starting to feel like flat mates.
Where your husbands seduction consists of one finger pointing towards the bedroom and the other hand on his dick.
Where you position the bed to have one foot against the door because for a loud bunch of kids, yours can be pretty quiet when they're sneaking up on people.
Where no matter how hot it is you chuck the doona on top of yourselves in case someone manages to barge through and catch mummy and daddy doing "yoga" in bed.
It's a pretty romantic scene really, listening to Iggle Piggle in the back ground, knowing that your days are numbered when you hear the ad break.
Men are amazing and impressive creatures, by sheer determination, it's inspiring how one can manage to "finish" under such circumstances, us women, aren't always so easy.
All the while gleefully thinking about how much of a sex goddess, vixen you are and how your fella is finally going to stop being an arse for at least a whole day.
Well mine was pretty impressed, even if I just lied there, saggy boobs, baby belly pouch, hairy minge and all, he still thinks I'm amazing."
And with that Constance had really hit a nerve. Thousands of people have commented on the post and said that's the same for them. Couples and parents all over the world simultaneously agreed and showed that even parents have needs. Their love is clear to see in this photo and the couple are happy to have found one another, and even if it's perhaps 'disgusting' for their children, their children can be happy for their great parents!
A great act that shows that people of all ages, and in every roll can still have fun and carry out a healthy and loving relationship. If you also think that sex is a "parents right" and that we should all be a little more open with this topic, then SHARE this article with all of your friends. 
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