They buried this girl alive! When her father realised, he ran into the garden.

We find ourselves in the Chinese city of Dondong, in the Lioaning province. The farmer Lu Xiayun lives here with her husband He Yong and they excitedly await the birth of their daughter.
She's in her fourth month of pregnancy when she suddenly gets sharp stomach pains in her lower abdomen and starts having contractions. The pain intensifies so quickly that she phones her husband to pick her up and take her home as soon as possible. Shortly after arriving, Lu brings her daughter into the world, but the baby is still-born because it is still much too small to survive. They then phoned an ambulance to take the mother to hospital, and to undergo a few precautionary tests. When the doctors then wants to check the baby over, they realise that the paramedics left the child behind believing it "unnecessary", given the still birth.
Her husband He Yong, hurries back to the house, to get the body of the child, with a new spark of hope. Shocked, he learns that his mother in law has already buried the girl in the garden - just 2 hours after being born. He briskly dug the body back up and drove back to the hospital. What then happened is absolutely unbelievable ...
The doctors find a steady pulse! The girl is still alive! No one can understand it. As the examination explained, Lu was actually in her 6th month of pregnancy, not her 4th, so the little baby has a real chance of surviving. 
The little one should be held in hospital, but as the parents are so poor, after just a couple of days they had no more money for the care.
youtube/AmazingWorldNews Then however, a second wonder occurs: the story of this family had been shared over the internet and moved so many people that a donation campaign was started to pay the bill.
The little battler will now receive all the medical treatment that she requires and the doctors are optimistic that she will develop well. What a great ending for a story that so tragically began.

Something simply unexplainable things occur and when the goodness of mankind also participates, then stories like this are the result. If this wonderful rescue also moved you, then share the story with everyone you know.
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