The driver sees the flying sheet of ice. But then he captures the huge piece chasing it!

Jeffrey Cote is on his way alone the highway, when an enormous piece of frozen snow detaches in front of his car. What his camera then captures through the windscreen is a huge piece that followed the first and should be a warning to us all:

"An ice sheet flew off the top of an SUV and destroyed my windshield, bent my wiper arm, and damaged my side mirror." wrote Jeffrey Cote under the video, which he uploaded to YouTube. 
"If I had braked harder, I could have avoided impact, but it initially appeared the piece was going to fall in front of me." Luckily the safety glass held and didn't shatter into thousands of pieces in the car! SHARE this video with everyone who needs to take care driving in these icy temperatures. And everyone should take care on the roads in these dangerous winter months so that everyone remains safe and also places nobody else in danger.
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