Teenagers have discovered a new way to get drunk – without anyone noticing. Don’t try this!

So that they don't smell like alcohol, teenagers are coming up with increasingly weirder ideas. The newest and most terrifying method taking is place in the USA at the moment, and is predominantly a risk to girls. But it is important to be aware of the terrible contents and therefore be able to explain the dangers.
What do they do? They soak tampons in vodka and stick them in their vaginas! When the material is soaked and then comes into contact with the mucosal membrane, the liquid is of course transferred straight into the bloodstream - without passing through the stomach. These girls think that they can can secretly get drunk quicker. At the same time they persuade others that no one can smell the alcohol because it wasn't ever in their mouths or stomachs.
But that is exactly what is so dangerous! Because the only thing that one achieves in this manner, is not noticing when one had too much alcohol in their blood. And because it was never in the stomach, it cannot be vomited out - one of the most important protection reflexes of the body against acute alcohol poisoning. A further danger is the possibility of irritating the muscosal membrane, because this area is particularly sensitive and doesn't react well to "outside influences". A devilish burn would be the lesser evil. 
Not only girls are trying this, but also boys share in this madness, by inserting the alcohol-drenched tampons into their anuses. Doctors are warning all parents and also the teenagers themselves about this risky method. In the case that someone becomes unconscious, a friend should be able to say exactly how much alcohol has been consumed, because it is life threatening. If paramedics are not able to look in the "right opening", where continually more alcohol is being circulated, then the poisoning would become increasingly worse. Particularly ironic is the fact that this way is not particularly effective because even if the method is seemingly quicker, the effect is no stronger. The only thing that one does manage is to go around the life-threatening self-protecting mechanism.
Alone the thought of this "method" makes me feel unwell to my gut. If you also find it unbelievable that people really try this, then SHARE this article with all of your friends.
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