In a world where supermarket aisles are stocked full of expensive sprays, cleaners, and devices to scrub a million different areas of your home, it’s nice to know that there are extremely useful hacks that can help cut down on costs.
There are so many brilliant hacks that can make life easier, like using shaving cream to defog your mirrors. And when I spotted how this household item could be used in a number of different ways, I was absolutely floored!
I never expected to find one of the most helpful household tools in my laundry room, but dryer sheets can actually help with everything from cleaning, to improving smells, to eliminating stains.
Most of these alternative dryer sheet uses came as a complete surprise to me  I can’t wait to give them a shot!
Scroll through below to see just how easily you can improve your own life with dryer sheets.
Will you be giving these hacks a try in your own home? Let us know in the comments!
There are few things worse than old food that won’t scrub off of a pan. Simply soak the pan overnight in hot water with a dryer sheet. The next day, use the dryer sheet to easily wipe away any food residue that might be left.
You can also keep your thread knot-free with a dryer sheet. By dragging your needle through the sheet, the thread will stop sticking to itself, and will be less likely to get tangled.
Vacuums are supposed to keep your house clean, but after years and years of sucking up dust and dirt, they tend to start smelling a bit musty. By adding a used dryer sheet to the vacuum bag, you can make your whole house smell like fabric softener.
White deodorant marks are a real pain, and trying to wipe them away with tissues just leaves more white marks. However, a used dryer sheet is a great way to get rid of deodorant marks quickly and easily.
You can remove dust from window blinds quickly with a used dryer sheet, by closing the blinds and wiping vertically. Then, simply repeat this process with the blinds open all the way.
Especially as the weather gets colder, hair static can be hard to combat. Rub a dryer sheet on the bristles of your brush to help tame those static fly-aways.
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Dirt and gunk can easily build up in the soleplate of an iron, making it difficult to clean. With the iron on low, rub it over a dryer sheet, and watch the gunk disappear.
Dryer sheets make your clothes smell nice in the dryer, but you can prolong that fresh-out-of-the-dryer smell by keeping one in your drawers.
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Gym bags can get super-smelly, but a few dryer sheets can keep them smelling fresh.
Are grimy hands leaving fingerprints on your stainless-steel fridge and appliances? Used dryer sheets are great at removing handprints and smudges.
Powdery messes can be a huge pain to clean up. However, a dryer sheet is perfect for picking up light dust and powder quickly.
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And for those who don’t like that musty, old-book smell, slip dryer sheets between the pages, and they’ll stay smelling fresh.
These dryer sheet hacks are absolutely brilliant, and can help to make life around the house somuch easier!
Will you be trying these home hacks out yourself? Let us know in the comments.
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