She photographed the newborn baby. But what hung on him would soon be buried.

Photographer Emma Jean Nolan took this particularly special photo. It shows the little new born Harper, still with his umbilical cords and placenta attached. The umbilical cord has been positioned to spell out the word "love".  Although the placenta supplies the unborn baby with vital nutrients and oxygen in the belly - it also speaks of life - and it is an unusual sight for most. "I wanted to show what birth looks like, because most people haven't seen a baby with it's placenta still attached", explained the photographer.
"In our western world it is not something of value, it gets thrown away and regarded as something disgusting. But without it, none of us would be here."
Facebook/Emma Jean Photography
Harper's mother Jolene Spies is a maori, a native from New Zealand. In the maori culture, the placenta has a spiritual meaning: the word "whenua" means both placenta and country. The umbilical cord is then the connection between the new born and mother earth. And to honour this connection, Harper's placenta will be buried under a tree in her mother's hometown in New Zealand. Meanwhile, many still bury the placenta in order to plant a tree of life, which thanks to the high nutritional value of the placenta develops well.

This powerful photo takes us back to the beginning of life and directs our minds to how complex and beautiful the wonder of birth is. So SHARE this with everyone that you know!
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