She lay for hours in the car next to her dead mum. But as the men reached her, they heard something unexplainable.

One morning, the father of 25 year old, Jenny Groesbeck, thought something seemed a bit off with her. When he drove over to her and saw that her car wasn't there, he became even more unsettled. It would be another 14 hours however, before he would be told what happened.
The 25 year old was driving through Utah, USA, when she lost control of her car. The young nurse's car flipped over and landed on it's room in a river. The mother and daughter are trapped in the ice-cold water. 
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Since this is a fairly remote area, it was 14 hours before a fishermen happened upon the wreck and notified emergency services. When the rescuers finally arrive at the accident, they suddenly hear an adult voice saying to call for help. The men instantly rush into action and do everything that they can to turn the car over as quickly as possible. At the same time they give courage to the voice, and tell her that everything's going to be okay. 
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What they then see, shocks them deeply: when they can finally see the driver, it is clear that Jenny is already dead! The 19 month old, Lily, is seriously injured, but still alive. She must have held out upside down next to her dead mother for hours!
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Nobody can explain where the voice came from, that so urgently compelled the rescuers into action. "We sat down together afterwards and spoke about it. And all four of us could swear that we heard somebody in the car say 'help'", remembers Constable Jared Warner, one of the rescuers. They are also certain that it was not the voice of a child. The rescuers were able to free the little girl from the car wreck and took her straight to hospital. 
At the hospital, her father and grandparents kept guard over the 19 month old Lily, who was quickly on her way to recovery. Since then, the little girl has completely recovered! And even though her family miss Jenny terribly, they are so happy that a piece of her lives on in Lily. 
Youtube/News Breaker
The rescue of this little one is a miracle! Her mom, Jenny, will always be with Lily, in a very special way. The family of the one and a half year old, and the rescuers, are very sure of that.
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