Her arm was amputated at 10 months. What her mum gives her at 2 stunned me.

Meet Scarlette. Scarlette at the age of just 2, has now gone through what most of us, hopefully, will never have to. She was born with an abnormally large left arm. Doesn't sound like much but it was approximately 3 times the size of her right arm. She was soon diagnosed with Undifferentiated Spindle Cell Sarcoma. This means that the cells in her body mutate into cancer. She is still the only documented case of this exact type of cancer.
In order to save her life, Scarlette underwent surgery in October of 2014, at just 10 months old. Doctors not only amputated her shoulder, clavicle and scapula, but also all of the skin surrounding the left side of her torso, and covered the wound with skin grafts.
At one year old, Scarlette was unable to stand or walk on her own, having spent most of her life in hospital. She had undergone 19 surgeries, blood transfusions and many more invasive tests. It was around this time that her parents, Simone and Matthew, decided that Scarlette needed a companion; someone like her, with whom she could relate to. And so the search began.
After more than 6 months of searching for "an animal that she could relate to, grow up with and have a special bond with", Simone and Matthew stumbled across what they believed could be the perfect addition to their family.
One week before Christmas, Holly was rescued from a dire situation, suffering catastrophic injuries. Holly, a 3 month old kitten, was found with her front right leg mangled and the paw hanging off. It is believed that she got caught up in the fan-belt of a car engine while trying to keep warm or was hit by a car.
When veterinarians first saw Holly, their first thought was to end her suffering. The young kitten however, miraculously survived her ordeal. 
On Christmas Eve, Simone, Matthew and their two children, Scarlette and Kayden, drove two hours to visit the tiny kitten at the animal shelter. It was immediately clear to Scarlette's parents that this kitten was the perfect choice. As Scarlette looked at the kitten the first time she said "owies", having noticed the staples along the kitten's side. Simone answered "yes, owies". It was then that Scarlette touched her own side, repeating "yes, owies". 
The bond was instant.
One week later, on the Wednesday before New Year, Holly was adopted and taken home. Scarlette is now cancer free, but will face more procedures over her lifetime. Her family hope that the kitten will be a source of comfort and inspiration.
Although the shelter name the kitten Holly, the Tipton family plan to rename the kitten "Doc". "Doc McStuffins is Scarlette's favourite little cartoon on TV, and also because both the cat and her have had so much interaction with doctors," Matt Tipton said.
Such a wonderful end for two, who are very deserving. If you are also pleased that Doc and Scarlette found one another, then SHARE their story with everyone you know. 
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