Apparently If You Use Hand Sanitizer, You Need To Stop Right Now! The Reason? I Had No Idea

One of the huge trends that has emerged in the last decade or so has been the “hand sanitizer.”
You see these things everywhere, and many people will not go out of the house without a small bottle in their pocket or they even have bottles that you can clip to your key chains. It seems we’ve become addicted to constantly using hand sanitizer. You can’t really blame people either. There are so many germs out there and with the various flu viruses popping up, we just want to be sure our skin is disinfected so as to avoid becoming ill.
But with most things in life, if simply dabbing on some gel lotion to prevent sickness sounds too good to be true, well then…
Turns out while we are attempting to “kill 99% of germs” (as is labeled on the bottle) we are also killing good and healthy bacteria. Check out all of the negative effects that hand sanitizers have. You will likely un-clip that key chain bottle right away and throw it in the trash after reading about these hazards.
1.Creates drug resistant bacteria. This is actually a big health threat to the public. Bacteria learns on its own to adapt to things that keep on trying to kill it. So if you keep setting up a roadblock, eventually it is going to figure out a way to get around it. And then a “superbug” develops. Superbugs have been responsible for more and more deaths each and every year. The sanitizer kills the good germs, leaves the drug resistant germs which it can’t kill, and then these end up flourishing and eventual become completely out of control.
2.Harms the skin. If something “kills 99% of germs”, then it is likely not a gentle substance. Hand sanitizers are harsh. Many contain pure alcohol (ethyl) as the main ingredient, with other alcohols to follow. These get absorbed in the skin and can even reach the bloodstream.
3.Increases Bisephenol A (BPA) in your body. Due to the absorption issues mentioned, BPA rates are increased. BPA is a chemical which will mimic human hormones. This disrupts the natural system in our body. Most commonly BPA dangers are related to plastics. Numerous health hazards are connected with BPA including cancers, diabetes and heart disease.
4. Other harmful chemicals. Especially if they are scented hand sanitizers, they can contain phthalates and parabens, preservatives used to make the product last, but are linked to hormone disruption and production. The scary thing is that many companies fail to list additional ingredients, such as these, on the label, thus you could be applying these and other dangerous compounds without even knowing it.
Believe it or not there are even more concerning issues regarding hand sanitizers. But the issues listed above are the main concerns to think about and then decide if it might be time to stop applying this stuff to your skin.
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