What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

We are all familiar with the fact that Zodiac signs can say a lot about people’s personalities and characteristics. But are you aware that birth month is also important and can also indicate a lot of things about you?
The birth month can also say a lot about your feelings and thoughts, your behavior and what people think about you. Below you can read about personality descriptions which are written in astrological study based on how the stars are positioned in the month you were born and how this affects your personality.


People born in this month are stubborn with strong will and they do not want somebody to tell them how to live their life. Because of their strength and determination to succeed they are perfect leaders. They are also good in teaching people and are responsible workers. They always say what they think.
These people love to talk with smart companions and enjoy discussing about different things. They are extremely creative and love working on various and new projects. They enjoy travelling so they use every chance to travel by train or plane and visiting various interesting places. They are excited and adventurous every time they have the chance to explore the world and in this way they feel alive. That is why they need people around them who are open minded and dreamers. They are honest people, loyal friends and partners too.
People born in this month are introvert and quiet but are also imaginative and creative. They enjoy when they are alone and they love art because through art, they can express themselves. They are gentle and kind to people around them but they hide their personality and their private life. People born in March create wonders in their minds as they live inside their head. They don’t love noisy and crowded places enjoying peace and quiet.
These people hate taking orders. They prefer to do the things their way and to be leaders. They enjoy in public attention. They are adrenaline junkies, constantly looking for adrenaline rush. Although sometimes can be loud and offend people they usually tell people what they think. They do not make plans; they do the things first and then think.
These people change often. One day they want one thing the next day they want something opposite. People born in May hate being alone and that is why they have active social life. They love talking to people and don’t have problems to express their feelings. As they get bored easily they are always trying to find something new for having fun.
People really admire persons who are born in this month as they are shy and gentle people. They are sensitive and care about other people’s feelings. People born in June are also quite creative and make plans about the future and how to succeed in achieving their goals. But they often hide their feelings as they have their own world and are trying to make it reality.
These people have similar personality as the people born in June except that they are more extroverted and spontaneous. Although they seem to be happy and confident, they can be hiding their pain from others and may even keep some dark secret. They are adventurous and want to have fun and that is why people want to be around them.
These people have great careers as they are good in critical thinking and making analysis. They are led by logic and plan their every step. Sometimes it is difficult to notice their “human” side they do not express their feelings and emotions so easily. They think a lot and are good leaders. They have big heart although sometimes can be bossy. They may not be spontaneous and sometimes can lock their feelings.
People born in September get disappointed quite easily and have high expectations. They have high ideals and are perfectionists. They are sensual, humble and creative and are always ready to help other people. Sometimes they are quite stubborn.
People born in October avoid confrontations but they have good social life and are loyal friends. They want to have balanced life and positive attitude towards everything they do. They are talkative, charming and love to be around people.
People born in November hide their thoughts and feelings from other people. They are brave and they are not afraid to deal with difficult situations and consequences. They hate when somebody is telling them what to do as they are stubborn and persistent to achieve their goal.
These people are active and hate being in one place for a longer period of time. Sometimes their pride can be a problem. That is why they sometimes get angry with some people. These people are humble and brave. They are also energetic and want to have fun.
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