We love eating. We especially love eating junk food. One of your favorite junk foods is the hog dog. Even though we feel amazing after eating it, our organism does not feel amazing at all. This kind of food is danger for our body and effects negative on our health.

The hog dogs have origin originally from Germany. The German immigrants introduced them to America and soon they became number one treat around. In nowadays 7 billion of them are consumed in one summer.
They are extremely unhealthy and produced in robotized manner and there is nothing natural connected with them. In small words they are mixture of pork, beef and chicken. Actually the leftovers of these ingredients. Leftovers as the animal’s feet, heads, fat tissue or skin. They are mixed with big amounts of salt, nitrates and similar chemicals and the final product is one unhealthy paste. The taste on the other hand is different in every area, the flavorings as carmine or monosodium glutamate is added.
The University of Hawaii provided one test, in which the results were horrifying. They declared that consuming that meat you increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%.
The appearance of nitrosamines is only a result of one of the most problematic additives used in hot dogs. They are nitrates and nitrites. Even the organic hot dogs contain nitrite. These additives combine with amines and the result is nitrosamines, which is connected with stomach, bladder, and pancreas cancer.
By consuming daily one hot dog you increase your risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. This is proven and declared by the American Institute for Cancer Research.
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