She Starts Wrapping Yarn Around Each Of Her Fingers. When I Saw Why… That’s Brilliant!

When I was a child in school, a teacher once asked my class what talents we had. The answers ranged from swimming, to dancing, to drawing… but my answer? “I don’t have any.” I didn’t think I had any talents! But fortunately for me, at some point in my life, this thing called YouTube was invented and people started posting all kinds of wonderful tutorials. And while I may not have any innate talents, I can certainly learn from the best and fake it! So what talent have I recently acquired?
Knitting… without any tools! Yes, that’s right, I can knit myself a scarf with nothing but a ball of yarn, a pair of scissors (or my sharp teeth), and my own two hands! Welcome to the wonderful world of finger knitting… no needles and no hooks required, so this is perfect for an arts and crafts session with the kids!

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