She Shares 6 Tips For Looking Great In Every Photo. I’m Surprised By How Effective These Are

We’ve all seen photos of ourselves and wondered why we looked so darn horrible!
A lot of those bad photos are the result of bad lighting and poorly shot angles. The wrong light combined with the wrong angle is a surefire recipe for a bad photo. In this day and age when taking photos is so commonplace, you need to be on your guard and be sure to pose your best to ensure a good shot. There are ways to combat bad lighting and bad angles. Check out these tricks to ensure you take a great photo each and every time!

1. Loosen up.

Relax your body, don’t appear stiff. Your natural curves will come out and you’ll blend in better with your surroundings.

2. Turn away from the camera.

Don’t get caught in a bad angle, instead create your own angle! Face the camera at an angle and your photo will turn out better.

3. Watch your hands.

If it feels your hands are in an awkward position, then they probably are. Practice in front of a mirror to find the most natural position for your hands if you want them in a shot.

4. Drop your shoulders.

Lowering your shoulders can do wonders to flatter your physique.

5. Don’t forget to bend your knee.

This classic move will guarantee you will look your slimmest during a shoot.

6. Tilt your head – and smile!

Tilting the head hides the neck area and creates a more natural, playful pose. And the smile just makes for a much better, more flattering photo!
Be sure to save and refer to this list before you have plan on taking pictures and SHARE with friends!
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