Many women squirt, but I never knew THIS about what it is.

Female ejaculation is like the Bermuda Triangle of sex. A taboo subject. Nobody wants to talk about it and when they do the response is often "but that's just urine...haven't you ever heard of 'squirting'?" But it is really urine? Are some women experiencing an arousal-induced form of incontinence?? 

Some women expel fluid from their urethra before or during climax, while for others there is basically no physical or visible proof of the female orgasm.

There have however, been a number of studies conducted into this mysterious liquid and it appears that there are two different forms of ejaculate. The first substance, which is arguably termed squirting due to the amount of liquid (often being enough to look like someone has wet the bed), is primarily comprised of fluid from the bladder. The second, rarer form of ejaculation, much more closely resembles the male ejaculate. It consists of a small amount of fluid, and the smell, taste and consistency cannot be mistaken for urine. The thin clear fluid contains glucose and prostatic acid, hence being much more similar to semen (without sperm), than it is to urine.

I'm sure there are many of you that remember the Sex and The City episode where, Samantha's girlfriend at the time, Maria ejaculates on Samantha's face. Samantha asks "Is that good?", to which Maria responded that it was "very good”!

So where does it come from and why don't all women ejaculate?

Well the female counterpart to the male prostate, technically known as "Skene's glands", is the source of this ejaculate. The Skene's gland is located in the wall of the urethra about 2-3" (5-8cm) from the entrance of the vagina and it is possible to be felt through the upper vaginal wall.

Just like the male prostate, the ducts from these glands empty into the urethral canal and is presumably the main cause of confusion. It's not urine, but uses the same pathway into this world. While there is still a lot of skepticism around the female orgasm, the Australian and UK porn industries have banned female ejaculation from being filmed because, well, if it is urine, that would be "obscene". 

In the same way that many men are not receptive to prostate stimulation, not all females are sensitive to or even enjoy G-spot stimulation. There are a few factors that need to be recognised, and could even be seen as essential, for a woman who is wanting to ejaculate.

The biggy? You need to locate the G-spot and have the ability to derive a pleasurable sensation from the caress. It's just not going to work if the sensation is about as good as rubbing your elbow. Many women have a fear of urinating if they relax their PC muscles too. This fear needs to be overcome, if you hope to ejaculate, so I'd suggest going to the bathroom before getting started. And last but not least try not to place too much pressure on the urethral tract as this may result in the ejaculate being emptied into the bladder - the opposite direction to the urethral opening.

So relax and have fun. Perhaps you or your partner are just moments away from this incredible sensation. If you found this interesting and think that your friends would enjoy the pleasure too, then SHARE it with them.


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