Keep Bananas Fresh Longer With These Simple Tricks (slices too)

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer With These Simple TricksBananas are healthy and delicious and you should eat them as often as you can. They can help you lose weight, keep you healthy and can help with a number of medical conditions. But how many times have you bought fresh and yellow bananas just to realize that a few days later they’re all black and mushy? That happens because you’re not storing them properly. Have you ever wondered if you can preserve them fresh longer somehow?
If bananas aren’t stored properly, the room temperature causes them to ripen faster and turn black and mushy. And this can happen in just a day or two after you’ve bought them. Nobody wants to eat overripe bananas so they usually end up in the trash.
Well we’re here to tell you that there is a simple trick which can keep your bananas fresh and delicious much longer and all you need is some plastic wrap and 1 minute of your time. This trick will enable you to have fresh bananas for breakfast every morning for a week. Here is what you need to do.
There are two approaches, and both work just fine. If you have a bunch of bananas you can take some plastic wrap and wrap just the stems, re-covering them after you take one. Or you can take each banana and wrap it tightly, individually and place them in the fruit bowl. This will also make it easier if you just want to grab one to work or to the gym; you’ll have it wrapped and ready to go.
What about if you have some sliced bananas and want to prevent them from browning? Just like apples, toss them in some lemon juice; make sure to soak the sides to keep them from browning and there you have it, nice and simple.
Maybe you have some banana storing hacks of your own? If so, please share in the comments below. Share and spread the word, you’ll be saving a lot of bananas from ending up in the trash.
Here’s a short video demonstration:
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