If You Thought Horses Couldn’t Get Any More Gorgeous, You Need To See What These People Do

These People Managed to Shave Designs Into Their Horses Fur, the Results will Astonish You!
Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

Horses have always been an incredibly beautiful animal to the human race, and have been a major part of our daily lives in more centuries than one. These days we have less of a true need of horses than we used to, but our sheer fascination with them has never waned.
These horses from JMC Equestrian in the U.K. for example are now walking pieces of art, on top of how gorgeous they already are.
Their caretakers are so skilled that some of the designs look as if they were done by professional artists.
They use clipping shears to gently shave amazing patterns into their horses’ already stunning coats.
They’re not just limited to a few different shapes, either.
Some of them start off looking more regal than a queen already.
This horse is named Romeo, and he has the coolest haircut on the planet.
Some of the patterns can take over three hours for the caretakers to do.
He looks darn good…
But as you can see from the horse named Romeo below, it’s well worth it..
It’s like something born from a fairy tale or sci-fi futuristic movie, but I can assure you it’s quite real.
WOW! These horses look so amazing, they’ve gotta feel how awesome they look! 
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