If you see this on your parked car, then you have no luck. It’ll bring you bad luck.

Thieves and con artists now have endless means of getting to our belongings. Make just one false move, and it could cost you your car or even your life within seconds.  
Cleverly devised security systems makes it more and more difficult, without special tools, to steal a car. But thieves are moving with the times and continually finding new solutions. Imagine you've parked your car at the supermarket. A few minutes later you come back, load your groceries and get in. You put the key in the ignition, start the car and suddenly notice that under the windscreen wiper there is a 50€ note.
What seems like promised land is actually just a nasty way of stealing your car: the note is placed so that you have to get out of your car to reach it. Particularly in parking garages, when the front of the car faces the wall, because it's likely that you won't see the note until you're ready to drive off. When you get out of your car with the key still in the ignition and possibly the engine running, then a thief can jump in and drive off. Because everything happens so quickly, it's even possible that you'd get run over in the process. 
This is almost exactly what happened to the young mother Kyri Viehmann. The woman was on her way home from Christmas shopping, while drive that she noticed that a banknote had been stuck under her windscreen wiper. Up until this time she believed that someone wanted to give her young family a gift. 
As she pulled over and reached for the note, she saw that it wasn't real. On the note it read: "Ha, you thought that it was real, didn't you?" Luckily she only noticed the fake once she was already driving, because her 1-year old son was sitting on the backseat and could have been taken with the car. 
Because this trick is so simple for thieves it could catch on quickly. Share this message with all of your friends and colleagues, and protect them from having their car stolen.
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